Friday, July 24

Senator Ernest Briles Added to Famous Page

Ernest Austin BrilesThe Briles Information Network is proud to announce the addition of Kansas Senator Ernest Austin Briles to the Famous Briles Page. JoAnn Briles-Klein contacted the BIN in reference to Senator Briles and provided information regarding her lineage and that of Senator Briles. The late Senator is the son of the late Harrison & Susan Hall Briles. He was elected to the Kansas State Senate in 1940 and was a newspaper publisher in Stafford, Kansas. Senator Briles was married to Ada Cole and both are buried at Stafford Cemetery, in Stafford, Kansas. JoAnn Briles-Klein is the daughter of the late John Franklin Briles and Josephine Van Scoyk and resides in Kansas. Max Briles, brother to John Franklin Briles, was a avid genealogist. Max Briles genealogy research and information is used throughout the genealogy world and was a leading source for the Briles Surname!. Again, the BIN is honored to add Senator Ernrest Austin Briles to the Famous Briles Page! I would also like to thank Kim Harp, Legislative Reference Librarian, State Library of Kansas, for researching and emailing Senator Briles' photograph!

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