Thursday, July 16

Major Update Complete!

The Briles Information Network has completed a major update to all of the databases, to include the death index. The database has now reached over 12, 000 names with over 4,600 marriages indexed. The update centered on Briles' in Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. After reviewing several death certificates and census slides, we corrected several lineages around the 1870-1900 period for the Midwest area. We also added more lineages for the Kindley and McCain family to include the shooting death of Stephen Paul McCain. The research continues so stay tuned for more updates later in the year! Remember to follow the BIN on Twitter!

Death Index

The Death Index is a vital part of the BIN. This spreadsheet contains family members who have passed and the BIN has verified their death personally. This index has now reached over 1418 names! The BIN verifies deaths by four different ways: Death Certificates, obituaries, photos of gravesite, or verification from a genealogist. This databases lists the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, parents and spouse's name, location of the body, and what method the death was verified. In closing, we have these sources on hand here at the BIN.

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