Wednesday, January 30

Tommy Watford Grave Marker Added

Tommy Watford, who passed in 2007, finally has a grave marker in place at Holly Hill Memorial Cemetery. I have updated the burial and cemetery database to include Mr. Watford's grave marker. This database has been revamped to include Holly Hill in a new format.

Tuesday, January 29

Briles is New County Coordinator for Randolph

I've made formal contact with the head of the North Carolina Gen Web Project expressing interest in returning as the County Coordinator of the Randolph County Gen Web Project. As many of you know, I was CC for Randolph for two years and enjoyed heading that project. Other interests lead me away from the project and I left the project in good hands with Nola Duffy.

I received an email from Mrs. Duffy who was willing to relinquish the role back to me, however no word yet from Denise Woodside, the head of the project for NC. The site has not been updated in sometime and I look forward to assisting in updating the project once again.

As of today, I've been appointed to the above position and have revamped the web site. Please take the time and look at the NEW and IMPROVED Randolph County Gen Web Project!

Tuesday, January 8

Briles Paintings Added

The Briles Information Network is proud to announce the addition of four beautiful paintings to the BIN Network. Susan Briles Kniebes contacted the BIN a while back wishing to display the works of her grandfather, Worthie Harwood Briles. Worthie, who passed in 1979, is the son of the late Enoch Elwood & Maggie Porterfield Briles.

The collection also includes one painting by Bonnie Briles Stokes, daughter of Worthie Harwood Briles who is still living and owns the paintings displayed here on the BIN Site. We are ecstatic to show these wonderful works of art and hope everyone enjoys them as much as we have. Thanks again to Susan and Bonnie for allowing us to show the paintings. You can access the paintings by clicking here.

Monday, January 7

Current Issues

The Briles Information Network is currently working on the following issues below. If you have any information regarding the below issues, please contact us ASAP.

The BIN has a death notice for Sara WILLIAMS Atkinson who passed on March 27, 2004.(Sophia, NC). She is the daughter of Jimmy and Lulie FLoyd Williams and was married FIRST to a BRILES and second to an Atkinson. Her son, George Briles, lives in Los Angeles and her daughter, Mary Briles, preceded her in death. The BIN is trying to identify who her first husband is/was and the lineage for same.

The BIN is currently researching the lineage of George and Mary Briles Sawyer. George & Mary had two daughters, Leila (1881-1941) and Hattie (1979-1902). Leila married William Dougan Farlow and Hattie married Jasper Briles. George's date of birth should be around 1845-1855 and Mary about the same. Anyone with information regarding the above issue, please contact the BIN.

UPDATE (11-18-07): Susan Briles Kniebes and Bonnie Jones have submitted valuable information regarding this issue. We still do not know who Mary Briles is in terms of direct lineage and who her parents are. If you have any information regarding this issue, please contact us.

The BIN has a death notice for Betty Briles Sheckell and Lucy Milder Briles. Lucy was married to a Charles E. Briles from the New Albany, IN area and was Betty's mother. Surviving both is son and brother, Walter Briles. The BIN is trying to identify who Charles E. Briles is and the lineage for same.

Friday, January 4

Request: Chad Taylor Death Notice

Mr. Elias Taylor has contacted the BIN and requested we post this death notice of Chad Taylor. The BIN will honor all requests to post death notices regardless of the affiliation with the Briles surname.

Chad Taylor, 32, originally from Asheville and Glenville, but a resident of San Diego for the past 12 years, passed away Tuesday, December 25 in Pennsylvania of heart complications. He had attended school at Hendersonville, Asheville, and SDU in California. Survivors include two brothers, one sister, his mother, and son. He is preceded in death by his father, a long time Asheville resident.