Monday, May 28


What a great day! Cook-outs, parties, and parades to honor our fallen soldiers and to thank those who are currently serving in the military. As a proud United States Army Veteran I would like to thank my father, Jim Briles, and my brother, Jimmy Briles, for serving in the military. Jim is a Navy Veteran and Jimmy, like me, a US Army Vet. My late grandfather, Carvey Henry Garrett, served in World War II in the Army.

We pray that our troops are safe in active campaigns overseas and pray that God will look after their families during trying times. We live in a great country, regardless of political affiliation, and freedom is the rock that supports that belief. While we enjoy the day off and the food, take a second to thank a Veteran for their service and say a prayer for our fallen comrades. God Bless the United States of America!

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