Wednesday, April 14

Briles Murder Update

A Sarasota man has pleaded no contest to pawning the jewelry of Kathleen Briles who was murdered by suspected thug Delmer Smith. Kathleen Briles was the wife of Dr. James Briles. James Cellecz will spend the next 15 months in prison and have five years probation in exchange for his testimony in Smith's murder trial. Cellecz is a registered sex offender, already entered into a similar plea agreement with prosecutors in Sarasota on drug and failure to register charges, in exchange for testimony on several cases involving Smith there. Smith faces rape, home invasion robbery and false imprisonment charges in the 2009 attacks of four women in Sarasota. Smith may be responsible for as many as 11 similar attacks on women in both counties between February and August 2009. The State of Florida has not decided if they will seek the death penalty against Smith. The BIN will keep you informed of this story.

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