Saturday, March 20

Mystery Solved?

A mystery may have been solved in Tabernacle! Danita Hunt Crotts contacted the BIN several years ago regarding her grandfather Tennyson Wesley Hunt who was born in 1901 to a Julia E. HUNT (Garren). Danita wanted to confirm who Tennyson's father was and needed help from the genealogy world. The family believed that Wesley H. Briles, son of Jacob & Rachel Fouts Briles is the father of Tennyson.

The story is that Wesley was killed in a saw mill accident in 1901 before Tennyson was born. Julia Hunt gave her maiden name to Tennyson because Wesley was killed before they were married. It was a known fact that Wesley was his father, but verification is needed from reliable sources. The BIN has always believed that family information outweighs any other source, especially during that time period. Danita has located a picture believing to be Wesley, which hung in Tennyson's living room. This photograph was given to him by Mary Elizabeth Briles Hoover, who is the brother of Wesley Briles (verified).

Danita has since contacted the BIN with the photograph of Wesley in search of further verification. The BIN believes Wesley Briles is buried at Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting since the majority of the family is buried there. Overall, the BIN believes there is enough evidence to support the claim that Wesley Briles is Tennyson Hunt's father, however we want to assist Danita in seeking additional information for this lineage. If you have any information regarding the lineage or Wesley H. Briles, Tennyson Hunt or Julia E. Hunt Garren please contact the BIN.

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