Sunday, March 28

Hayworth & Briles...Linked Together!

Not that we needed to add more famous folks to the Briles list...we have plenty to include Jill Briles-Hinton, Jim Briles, Art Briles, and the late Worthie Briles & Nelson Briles. The Briles Surname is linked to three other famous folks, all within one family lineage! J.D. Hayworth, former United States Congressman and current candidate for the United States Senate from Arizona is linked along with his great uncle Myron "Red" Hayworth & and grand father Raymond Hayworth . "Red" and Raymond Hayworth were former Major League Baseball players in the 40's. "Red" spent nearly fifty years in baseball as a player, coach, and scout and won the pennant with the St. Louis Browns. Raymond Hayworth also spent nearly 50 years in baseball and played with Ty Cobb and the Tigers, Dodgers, Browns, and Giants.

The Hayworth's are linked to the Briles Surname through marriage of course, but in two ways. Raymond and Red's mother was Mary Emma Hepler Hayworth. Her lineage dates back to Christopher Friederich Hepler (her great grandfather) who had two sons: Phillip, her grandfather and Christopher (great uncle). Christopher had a son named John Hepler who married Hannah Briles, daughter of Jacob & Susanna Plummer Briles.

The second link is via "Red" and Raymond's sister Alice Hayworth who married Ernest Macon. His parents are Ashworth & Flora Spencer Macon whose parents are Michael & Anna Jane Hill Spencer. These fine folks had a daughter, Roxanna, who married my very own Joseph Lafayette Briles! Are you keeping score?

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