Friday, May 16

Date for Medlin Reunion Announced

Paul “Dickie” Medlin has announced the date for the annual Medlin Reunion. This year's reunion will be held Saturday, September 13, 2008 at Dickie's house in Thomasville. As always, everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing the family again. Dickie will be cooking a pig again with full chickens, just like last year. We ask that each bring a side dish or desserts and be prepared for a great time!

The Briles Information Network will be filming the reunion to record the event for the Randolph and Davidson Historical Society. We ask all family members to bring old photographs of your family and those of family members who have passed on. These photographs will be scanned at the reunion and returned to you by the end of the day. The video of the reunion will be given to both county libraries and kept in the genealogy room for viewing. If you have any questions about the reunion, please contact Dickie at 336-475-1787 or Tosha Medlin Briles at 336-472-8188.

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