Tuesday, January 29

Briles is New County Coordinator for Randolph

I've made formal contact with the head of the North Carolina Gen Web Project expressing interest in returning as the County Coordinator of the Randolph County Gen Web Project. As many of you know, I was CC for Randolph for two years and enjoyed heading that project. Other interests lead me away from the project and I left the project in good hands with Nola Duffy.

I received an email from Mrs. Duffy who was willing to relinquish the role back to me, however no word yet from Denise Woodside, the head of the project for NC. The site has not been updated in sometime and I look forward to assisting in updating the project once again.

As of today, I've been appointed to the above position and have revamped the web site. Please take the time and look at the NEW and IMPROVED Randolph County Gen Web Project!

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