Tuesday, January 8

Briles Paintings Added

The Briles Information Network is proud to announce the addition of four beautiful paintings to the BIN Network. Susan Briles Kniebes contacted the BIN a while back wishing to display the works of her grandfather, Worthie Harwood Briles. Worthie, who passed in 1979, is the son of the late Enoch Elwood & Maggie Porterfield Briles.

The collection also includes one painting by Bonnie Briles Stokes, daughter of Worthie Harwood Briles who is still living and owns the paintings displayed here on the BIN Site. We are ecstatic to show these wonderful works of art and hope everyone enjoys them as much as we have. Thanks again to Susan and Bonnie for allowing us to show the paintings. You can access the paintings by clicking here.

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