Friday, December 18

Press Release

Press Release: The Briles Information Network and the "Briles Information Radio Network" will continue to operate it's streaming radio station in 2016. The recent CRB decision doesn't affect the BIRN because our format is a talk format, educational, and informative.

In 2016, The BIN/BIRN intended to start a streaming radio station featuring music from the 70's called "Smokin 70's". The recent CRB decision does affect this type of media and the BIN/BIRN is temporarily suspending this venture until an agreement is reach with the music industry and The BIN/BIRN is also waiting to see if Soundexchange "Microcaster" will be feasible and cost effective. The BIN/BIRN will announce a final decision once the rates are set.

The Briles Information Network is exploring the creation of a non profit (501 c3) foundation in the near future. The BIN will dissolve the 'Briles Media Group' and list it's entities under the BIN heading.

All updates will be posted via Twitter, Facebook, and it's various web sites.

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