Wednesday, November 9

Joel Pierce Wins Council Seat

Joel Pierce has won a seat on the Thomasville City Council by a decisive margin! Pierce gained 12% of the vote or 1,440 votes and came in second to front runner former police chief Ronald Bratton who was an incumbent. Joel Pierce is a Briles descendant, twice! He is the son of Nolan Irvin & Bonnie Grubb Pierce. His lineage dates back to Ansel & Mary Briles Pearce (Mary, Frederick Briles, Conrad Briles) and through his grandmother's family, Millie Barnes Pierce. Her line also goes back to Conrad & Margaret Rush Briles because her grandparents are Henry and Elizabeth Kindley Barnes (Elizabeth Kindley, Jacob, William, Shadrach and Margaret Briles Kindley, Michael Briles, Conrad Briles). Joel's election page is on Facebook and on the Internet at Joel Congratulations to Joel Pierce for winning and we know he will serve the citizens of Thomasville well! Way to go Joel!

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