Friday, September 2

Sloane Briles Charged!

Ok folks I've waited two days before posting this story which has made national news. When I first saw the story I immediately checked the databases, Rootsweb, and other sources to see what lineage Sloane Briles came from and to find out the true story. Everyone, including Briles, is innocent till proven guilty in a court of law and I even reached out to Sloane on Facebook with no response...I guess the BIN is low on the talk circuit list!

Briles is accused of tossing his 7 year old son off of a 42-foot tour boat in Santa Ana, California. With multiple witness and a confession from Briles, it's hard to imagine what the hell he was thinking...and for the record, I'm not sure if I want to know what line Briles originated from! Stealing a line from FOX, we report, you decide!

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