Sunday, March 27

New Service from the BIN

The Briles Information Network is excited to announce a new service for one and all! "In Memory Of" is a new service for families who wish to permanently display a tribute page for loves one who have passed on. The tribute page will consist of an obituary section, slide show section, a video area, and a tribute wall! Most or all funeral home sites require money to continue a tribute wall or you must subscribe and pay for a site through services like "In Memory Of" is free of charge with no strings attached. Simply contact the BIN if you would like to create a page for your loved one and we will take care of the rest.

For a nominal, one-time fee, the BIN will produce a special video with interviews, family tree information, old family & reunion movies, and DVD copies! This special video would be like a documentary or a video like on Biography Channel! Of course, if you have your own video already made or you wish to link a video, the BIN will be happy to do that, free of charge!

Please take a minute and look at our first Tribute Page for Rex Briles by clicking on this link! Make sure you view the slide show presentation and let us know what you think. Everything about the page can be customize to include pictures, music, and colors of the page! If you are interested feel free to contact us here at the BIN by using the contact button at the top of the page!

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