Friday, February 4

Pauper's Grave...Word(s) of the Month

In this case it's two words. The word(s) for this month is pauper's grave. A pauper's grave is a free burial for someone that has no money to bury their family. It should be stated that the graves were not cheap, however most are unmarked because the family didn't have money for a marker. You can walk in any cemetery and see temporary markers from funeral homes still in the ground. Due to city and county budgets, the preferred method of disposing the deceased is by cremation. The average cost of a pauper's grave is about $1,325. The cost of cremation averages around $800, however this is a far cry on how much it cost the funeral to perform a cremation. When conducting research in cemeteries, check the death certificate and registry for the cemetery to make sure if the deceased is buried at a specific location, especially if you can't locate a marker.

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