Tuesday, January 18

Tragedy Leads to Discovery

Several times a week, I search the Internet and canvass the local papers for stories about Briles, mostly to see who has passed on. Over the holidays I noticed a story out of Katy, Texas where Robert "Robbie" Briles died in a bicycle accident. Briles was killed when he ran a red light and struck a van. When I read stories such as this one I immediately check the database to see if the loved one is already there and if not, I jot down the name and work the case later.

Robert's death intrigued me because I had no clue where he fit into the Briles lineage, but more so how he died. I'm currently working on a documentary on unusual deaths at a cemetery here in Randolph County and this one would have fit right in. I decided to contact Tracy Dang of the Katy Times News and inquire about Robert' passing and request information for the family.

Tracy contacted me very quickly and provided me with a telephone number for Barbara Blount Briles, Robert's mother. Tracy told me the family did not post a death notice for Robert, however he was very well known in the Katy community. My main mission was to identify Robert's lineage for the web site, but after talking to Mrs. Briles for just a few minutes, I wanted to fly to Texas and give her a hug! The loss of a child, even at 58, is hard on a parent. Mrs. Briles is still living in Katy and is a young 80 years old! Mrs. Briles was forthcoming and pleasant to say the least. Mrs. Briles filled in the blanks and offered to help out in the BIN's mission of preserving family history.

Mrs. Blount was married to Robert Nathan Briles, son of the late Florrin & Annie Edwards Briles. Robert Nathan Briles passed in 1992. This lineage dates back to John & Nancy Beckerdite Briles.

Since an obituary did not post for Robert, it's our honor to create one for him here on the BIN. The databases are officially in update mode. I would like to thank Tracy Dang and Bonnie Jones for their help with this story.

Katy,TX-Robert Morgan "Robbie" Briles, 58, passed August 8, 2010, due to injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. Funeral was private. Born September 15, 1951 in Katy, Texas, the son of the late Robert Nathan Briles and Barbara Blount Briles who survives. Mr. Briles is also survived by three siblings: Floyd Briles, Julian Briles, and Julie Briles.

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