Sunday, April 27

BIN Info To Remain on Rootsweb

The BIN has made a decision regarding our information on After careful review of the situation and weighing our options, we have decided to continue to post our genealogy information on Rootsweb.

"The Generations Network" owns and has transplanted RW with, a paid service. TGN is the parent company of both networks and as many of you know, Rootsweb has been free for many years. Tim Sullivan, CEO of TGN, stated the only reason behind the move is that users of each of the two main websites will be better served if they have access to the best services available on both. "Simply stated, we want to introduce more users to RootsWeb and vice versa," Sullivan insists. TGN also announced earlier that banners would be placed on Rootsweb and that information on the site would become property of TGN. The Briles Information Network places it's GEDCOM on Rootsweb so people will have access to our genealogy information. There is nothing to own regarding vital facts and family history, only the way you present it and in a specific format you create your files. Sullivan also stated that access to Rootsweb will always be free!

We believe genealogical information and family history should be free and open to everyone. Rootsweb has been free for years and until TGN requires a fee for viewing our files, we feel the massive visitors to Rootsweb outweighs the banners. If, in the near future,TGN requires paid membership or a fee to access genealogical information on Rootsweb, we will revisit this issue and remove our files from their server.

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