Saturday, November 17

I'm NOT Dead...Really!

While updating the database on today, I discovered that one Briles database, George Durman, had me and my entire family listed as deceased. HMMM, well, I hate to tell you this but I'm very much alive thank you very much! In fact, there are a lot of names in this database that list folks as deceased and they are very much alive. The crazy thing about this is the database was updated last month! Rootsweb has a strict policy about showing information on the living. I agree with this policy and the only way it will show a name is if you mark them as deceased. I think it's good that you can list a name of the living without displaying their vital information as its displayed on two of our databases. But this is just not right. We hope George will respond to our email, but if past history comes into play, I will be listed deceased until...well, I'm deceased!

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R. Trent Briles said...

UPDATE: Well, it's been almost a month since I informed George that I wasn't dead. He responded and...well...I'm still dead in his eyes. He said he would correct the mistake, but yet everyone who visits Rootsweb or his site will see that I'm dead...which I'm not!
It amazes me that someone can do this without any sources to back-up a claim such as this. Coming in January, an article regarding the PROPER way of listing a source!!! FIX IT GEORGE!