Saturday, September 1

Jim Briles Receives Award from FBI

The Briles Information Network congratulates Master Police Officer Jim Briles for receiving an award from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Jimmy is employed with the Asheboro Police Department and is the son of James Rex and Catherine Cameron Briles. Jimmy is also the brother of the curator, R. Trent Briles. Jim received the award for his work in helping to convict an online child predator from Michigan who was accused of planning to murder a girl's family and possibly her classmates. The story made the local paper in Asheboro, The Courier-Tribune and you can view the entire article by clicking on Jim's picture. Due to copyright laws, the BIN cannot reprint the story or display the picture of Jimmy and Chief Gary Mason shaking hands. We do have a request pending with the photographer for use of the picture and we hope to have an answer soon. Again congratulations Jim, Great JOB!!!

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