Wednesday, August 2

The Briles Family Crest

The Briles Information Network is proud to present it's family crest. Traditionally, the family crest dates back to the first family who establishes it and is carried on for ever. In modern times, each family is allow to adopt the family crest or design it's own. This is usually done by the eldest living member and in this case the crest was designed by Jim Briles. The design is made up of the old crest with two new features, the anchor and star: The meaning of the crest is below. The BIN has a larger version (PSD format) for you. You can email me and I will send it to you at no charge. You may modify it at your leisure.

Black or (Sable)= Constancy or grief
Anchor= Hope; religious steadfastness
Star= Celestial goodness; noble person
Moon= Serene power over mundane actions
Annulets= Fidelity
Helmet= Traditional
Shield= Classic
Decrescent= One who has been honored by the sovereign; hope of greater glory (crescent with horns to the sinister)
Blue or (Azure) Bend= Truth and loyalty; Scarf or shield suspender of a knight commander; signifies defense or protection