Sunday, July 2

Don't Always Believe What You Read...

The BIN learned a valuable lesson in the month of June. Well, actually two lessons. Don't always believe what you read and don't trust anything on the Internet. We learned that census can be wrong and also death certificates. We also learned that people who post information on the Internet can be DEAD wrong when it comes to genealogy. Case in point, the Stanton Briles Case. His death certificate stated he was cremated and not buried. While searching for gravesites, we locate his grave beside his grandchildren. Of course his obituary was correct. First lesson, always check multiple sources.

When checking lineages on the Internet, take it with a grain of salt. If it doesn't have a source, it's probably wrong. Case, the Howard Briles saga. Three different sources had Howard (same date of birth and spouse) linked to two different parents. Lesson two, VERIFY the source yourself and if you can't, don't post it on the Internet! We learned the hard way. Double check your sources and refrain from posting the information until you yourself can prove it.

Good luck with your research!!

R. Trent Briles
Curator, The BIN

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