Sunday, June 4

June Birthdays

R. Trent Briles, Curator
Briles Information Network

JUNE BIRTHDAYS-The BIN would like to extend a very happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday in June! Three very special greetings go out to Tosha Medlin Briles who celebrates a birthday on the 24th. Phyllis Holder Medlin who has a b-day on the 15th and Derek Medlin, who's special day is the 4th! Also celebrating a birthday in June:1st, Gilbert, Noah and Mary Briles; 2nd, Ninevah Rush Briles; 9th, C.M. Briles, Rebecca Mariah Briles, and Gaither Briles; 10th, C.F. and Martha Briles; 11th, Luther and William R. Briles; 13th,John Briles; 15th, Mattie Graham Briles; 19th, Robin Kennedy Briles; 20th, Branson Briles; 21st, Everette Mayfield Briles; 23rd, Williard Briles; 25th, Phillip Briles; 28th, Julia Thorpe Briles; 29th,H. Lee Briles; 30th, Judy C. and M. Pearl Briles.