Friday, November 21

The BIN Pod & Video Cast Online!

The Briles Information Network is pleased to announce the first ever Pod and Video Cast! The BIN has partnered with Itunes,, and Gcast to provide a video and audio pod cast of this site. The video cast will mirror features and death notices on this site, but in a broadcast/newscast format. The audio portion of the video cast will be extracted and placed on Gcast to provide the pod cast version while the newscast will be housed on Itunes will be the feature RSS reader/receiver however you will be able to view either cast on the above networks. You will be able to subscribe to broadcast using either of the above services, which will automatically download the episode to your favorite player.
The easiest way to subscribe is to access the Itunes logo and click on the subscribe button on the BIN page.The video cast will officially begin in early 2009 and will update on a quarterly basis. At this time, there are several videos already produced by Video Impressions and the BIN located on the Vidcast. The BIN is planning full feature documentaries on several churches, cemeteries, and in-depth stories on the Briles Families in 2009 so stay tuned!. Feel free to check our Pod and Video Casting out by clicking on the respective buttons below. If you have any problems, please contact us.

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